Best Battle

Every Star Wars fan has a little part of them that wishes they had a chance to fly a starfighter or go toe-to-toe with someone in a lightsaber battle. Best Buy wanted to show it felt the same way when promoting a new video game based on the film franchise. Working with a local stunt company, Union sent a pair of trained martial artists into the crowd: one in a high-tech suit over top of his Best Buy blue shirt and carrying a blue lightsaber, and the other in Sith (bad guy, for non-fans) robes and carrying a red lightsaber. Our “hero” also shows up for his duel decked out in other gear from Best Buy like LED lights, a Samsung phone and bluetooth speakers to provide the perfect soundtrack to battle. After spending time warming up with the fans, the two eventually meet, and the crowd parted to let good and evil fight it out once and for all.

Client: Best Buy
Agency: Union Creative
Producer: Kyle Tortter
Director: Kyle Trotter
Music & Sound: Harry Knazan
Editor: Kyle Trotter